Friday, February 18, 2005

The Nashua Advocate: CBS Speculates That Karl Rove Was Jeff Gannon's Contact Inside the White House; Retitles Article to Highlight Gannongate Element

So CBS (insert inane wingnut muttering) is going to pick up the mantle of JimJeff and ride with it to the Promised Land. I think this thing is picking up steam. Supposedly, JimJeff, after saying that he would never talk to the media again, is now going on CNN. Clearing the name? He better be careful that he says nothing outside the limited protection a "journalist" gets. Will he be with Larry King? Softballs are all that old man is about so they should get along swimmingly and, who knows?, if King has a couple of extra C-notes around he could get an hour's worth of those "8 inches, cut." Just think of it!
Oh, poor "Jeff". He's instantly been disowned by the right and he's being drubbed by the left with all the zeal of Matt Drudge posting salacious details about Monica Lewinsky circa early 1998.

That being said, John Aravosis, from, summed it up pretty well--"the issue isn't about Gannon's right to be a journalist, but about his White House access".

I'd like to think that Rove and his flunkees would learn something from this, but I'm sure they won't. The only remaining issue of interest is whether or not somebody will dig up a smoking gun linking Gannon/Guckert to the Bush inner circle. Would love to see the expression on Rick "Gay Marriage leads to Bestiality" Santorum's face when that happens.
If Bush hands out another $300 bribe this year, I'm going to hire Jeffy. I'll bet his rates will have dropped enough by then I can get him for a whole night!
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