Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cars big as bars and rivers of gold...

Well, Metuljica and I are tucked in nicely at The Benjamin here in lovely, yet cold Manhattan. We came up for the Vintage Clothing Show and scored a a bunch of swag for reasons I don't understand, but, shit, I got two pairs of Ben Sherman brothel creepers. If you don't know what those are then, phbbbt. Yesterday, we continued Metuljica's love of checking behind Zagat's. Piccolo Angolo was on tap last night. Brunch today was at Le Singe Vert. Both were excellent. Tonight is a surprise. I am so looking forward to our relocation back to New York City. Still, I have a tug on my heart for ole Knoxville.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A New Drink!

So Metuljica and I put the girls to bed and were feeling like a drink. We've been doing the Atkins diet and abstaining from the fermented rewards. Both of us have dropped some weight, but the siren call of an "after-the-kids" are out drink could not be resisted. I strolled over to the liquor cabinet and looked a the playing field.

We had a fifth of Jameson's, part of 1/2 gallon of gin, some dry sherry, 1/4 of a bottle of Mandarine Orange and (in the fridge) some Noilly Prat vermouth. I started to puzzle. "What would Bertie Wooster do?" Improvise of course.

The recipe:

1 ounce Jameson's
1/4 ounce Mandarine Orange
Dash of dry Noilly Prat vermouth

Pour over ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into martini glass or over the rocks with a twist of lemon or orange.

We couldn't decide what to call it for an official drink name other than "Excellent." I am thinking the Vermillion Shamrock. Or the CosmoMerckx. Or the "Waterford Waterloo." I need help on this one.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Charity: priceless

Uh oh. Ina Hughs has stepped in it.

I agree totally with her. Funny thing is: All of the great religions of the world focus on charity as key to salvation, heaven, nirvana, etc. Muslims must practice almsgiving. Absolutely without question. Jews are also compelled to do so. The Buddha instructed that if one did nothing else to spin the wheel of dharma, then do charitable works first and foremost because of its worldly effect. Jesus was no slouch and second runner on this either. You can prove it. Why? It is in the Bible.

That being said, politically right evangelical Christians despise the notion that good acts make God happy and get you into heaven. Hell, they are willing to preach the Gospel of Wealth, but not spread it. Why? Well, their belief system is founded in old notions, some of which go back at least to medieval times, that hold that there must be domination and the dominated do not deserve any more charity that the fact that they are not killed. This is why people who ascribe to these belief systems are not fit to lead. They are not in the business of leading. They are in the business of dominating others.

The ten states that fought the Civil War to preserve an unfeasible early modern economic system are the same ones that practiced Jim Crow and, now, hold on to the death penalty so tightly. Why? Their cultural identity is consumed by a hagiography of domination. That the South is now the focus of the politically right evangelical movement ( or the land of its genesis) is self-evident. They coupled their insatiable cultural need for domination to religion (not even old time religion at that) and rode it to the White House. The historian C. Vann Woodward was asked why he didn't retire back to the South after he finished teaching. He replied that, for all intents and purposes, the South, both good and bad, had come to him.

The point that I am making is that no matter how hard they try to paint the right-wing evangelical movement as the saving grace of America the Imagined, the fact of the matter is: They merely want to dominate. And this time, the slaves are not just going to be black. It will be anyone who isn't there when the Bugle sounds.

So back to charity and why I mention C. Vann Woodward and such. I am reminded as to an old saying I heard about people in the South: "They will do anything for you, and everything to you." Do not think that people proposing to repeal the 22nd Amendment is just nuttyness on the part of a fringe. There is a whole swath of America that has bought into the South's charm, and forgotten just what they can do to you after the charm has ended. People in Midwestern "Red States" may identify with some part of the Bush plan, etc., but I think that when the rubber hits the road and they are faced with what is really up with these people, they will blanch. Unless, they get Jesus hard and have the scales placed in their eyes in the worse way. Then they will hardly know what they do.

The question is: Can we forgive them for it as Christ would?

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I just got a Blackberry and fully understand why they are called 'Crackberry.' Geez. I have done nothibg but play with this thing all day. I have even devolved so far as to post to my blog with the thing!
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Knoxville's Own Weekly Rag

I was in jounalism school a long time ago when text analysis really hit the fore and did an analysis of the Metropulse comparing the content of articles to the content of ads. The correlation between what the articles were about and what ads (or who, more specifically) were about was astounding (r^2 approaching .40). Thinking I had hit on something, I went to the literature. Guess what: this is true of all 'alternative' papers. If they didn't do it, they would not be able to do any journalism at all. So get over the fact that MP can come across as a society rag mentioning people you think you met in a drunken stupor that allowed you a brief entrance into the downtown society set. It is. It is also the best game in town on many fronts (even with Tony Basilio). That being said: I still openly call it the Metroplug. :-)

It takes guts

My soon-to-be parents-in-law went to the inauguration. Funny, I know nothing but liberals here in TN, but I had to go to the northeast to find a woman with wingnut parents. They haven't gone as far as to put a portrait of King Dubya of Dumbelot, but it is just a matter of time.

Inauguration: from the latin inaugurare -- to perform augury. In other words, to use animal guts to divine the future.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Oh, sweet mama, please!

Newt Gingrich for president?. Oh, please, Lord, let it happen.

Nothing like a good old fashioned, ethically challenged, more-baggage-than-a-pullman-car numbnuts from the early 90s to pull the Dems back to the fight. Of course if they can repeal the 22nd Admendment as proposed last week in the Senate, then we can run the Big Dog, Bill Clinton again and, woo hoo, Happy Days will be here again. Tanned. Rested. And Ready.

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