Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Holidays

Well, I am off to see me Ma in Vehjenya for a couple of days. Then I hook up with my "metuljica" in NJ to meet her folks. New Year's is a blast to San Francisco for the party and a drift through some vineyards. Maybe a bit of hiking around the Point Reyes area? I need a break before I write my thesis!

Thanks to SouthKnoxBubba for the inclusion in The Rocky Top Brigade. I will try to keep up with the others! It'll have to be either Jameson's (not that Bushmill's crap) or some fine Slovenian cvicek. I don't like Scotch. :-)

A thought: Many people bemoan the passing of time. I think it is a glorious thing. We are with each passing moment a moment closer to a glorious time. No, not the rapture. The end of the Bush Administration. Hook or Crook. Krogle ali kroglica (I will leave that untranslated).

I will try to blog from Blackberry. There must be a way... Later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Excellent use of GIS

He says that not just correlation, it's conclusive. Well, all you can
have is correlation in this case, but, not knowing the R^2 on this, I'd
damn well bet it is greater than .30. Love to have the spreadsheet for
some long hours in SAS!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Texas: Home of Big Belt Buckles and Cheaters

Seems old W's model for his No Child Left Behind (read: no blacks or hispanics in college!) program is rife with cheating to make the grade. What? A Bush sponsored "reform" that doesn't make the grade? Can't wait to see what sort of mess he will make of Social Security. This is the undoing
of Dumbelot!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Where whisky's a-flowin'

One more reason to go to Lithuania.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Now this is my kind of research

People always say to me "Dude, you never seem to get any older." Now, I haven't figured out whether they are merely saying "You are still an immature fuck" or actually paying me a compliment.

Now research out of the Canada may offer the answers as to why. You see, I played a bit of football in college and was known to get a concussion whenever the sun struck me just right. These guys claim this is the cause of my ever-lasting gobbstopper of youth! Yea!

Even cooler: I am inline with my favortite Belgian cartoon character, TinTin. What a stud.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I am American

I spend a lot of time overseas and I have yet to be bothered about being
American by any Europeans. Possibly this is because I don't look
particularly American (except for a nice paunch), dress nicely, don't wear
a baseball cap, and have good table manners.

A company has started selling T-shirts to traveling Americans so they
can avoid the embarrassment of being woefully out of touch with the rest
of the world by feigning to be Canadians. Instead of O' Canada, it is now
Poor Canada.

No matter whatm, I am not ashamed to be American. Not proud. Shame is not
the opposite of pride.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Tooting own horn

Following on the heels of Greg's admission to the California Bar (after
doing his best JFK, Jr. bit) , I just received news that I passed my
comprehensive examination for the master's degree. Comments from ranged
from "You soared!" to "Wow, you really did do the reading I assigned"
to "More concrete examples, please." :-) Anyone who has taken an exam
like this horror gets the black humor of "instructive" comments on a
Pass/Fail qualifier covering a course of study. All I have to do now is
write my thesis and teach a lab section of 132. The department head
assigned me the Tuesday and Thursday 8AM labs. Slackers, geeks and
football players. I identify with them all.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Jerry Springer on BBC! High Art has its day!

I saw the Jerry Springer musical in London last summer. It was genius.
Now it is coming
to BBC2 in Britain. My favorite song was "Talk to the Ass." But I am
sure Greg would like "Here come the Hookers."

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Star and Al

OK. I have to admit this fact. I went to high school with Al Reynolds. He just married Star Jones of The View fame.

We werem't really friends in High School. Al ran with a different set of kids and I was more with the jocks and such. I did share a locker with his cousin, Lamont Scales. This being said, a lot of mean shit was written about Al in the media, especially about his sexuality. Whatever. It is all racism in the end. Nothing frys Americans' asses more than a "non-white" who makes it big. He didn't need Jones' money as he had already hit it big as an investment banker.

Example: My father went to his grave pissed about Reynolds' getting into UVa ahead of me. He claimed it was just because Al was black. I loved my dad, but he had blinders to the fact that I was a total slacker and didn't deserve the admit that I got to Uva (waiting list) let alone any admittance at all.

Anyhow, the truth be known: I am happy that they are happy. I think that Al has the sort of personality that can handle a celeb marriage.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Flu Sucks

Get this new flu now. It sucks, but get it now. If you are like me and
part of the demograhic denied the flu shot, just find a friend suffering with it and take it like a big kid. Man, my head feels like a basketball and I can't decide to run a fever or just kick it in the ass. Tylenol and lots of Alka-Seltzer Cold/Flu. The latter rules. You are out like a light in about 10 minutes. Settling in for 5 hours of rest is the best cure. And soup. Lots of soup. Ick.

So is it a conspiracy by the UN or by the GOP?

A complete GOP tool has decided to go after Kofi Annan. Picking on the UN is like picking on the fat kid in the school yard. Interesting side note: Annan has stronger ties to Minnesota than Norm Coleman. Annan went to Macalester College, while ole Norm grew up in Brooklyn and went to Hofstra. So I guess you went fishing for a place to play politician and knew that your hometown wasn't having any of your GOP bullshit?

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