Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bait and switch

I remember back in the day when WalMart prided itself on selling cheap
shit made in America.

Of course
this was only until it achieved complete market
saturation and could tell every American supplier to fuck off.

More on this later, but WalMart is, operationally, a corporate being
that eats the product of the poorest of the developing world and shits
product onto the poorest of America. You never see a Bush twin fighting
over Hanes panties when WalMart slaps a new "Always Low Price" on them.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Annoying Distractions

This game makes Half-Life2 look like shit. Play it all day and learn as well!

If you duck, you are unpatriotic

in South Jersey are angry that their elementary school was
strafed. "Patriots" say that children being strafed by their own
military is part of the just war against Satan. Jerry Falwell offered a
home for unwed mothers in Virginia for strafing stating, "OK, the
forces of Satan want to protect children, so we offer 117 Whores of
Babylon in lieu." Fucking stupid.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ah, SpongeBob Fetishpants

Spongebob has been stolen.

Closeted gays everywhere are suspected.

BTW, Happy Turkey Day, USians.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sweet Lou

When I was a young man, I did childish things here. These included playing football, reading Nietzsche and eating mushrooms. I tried to do all three at the same time. I was only good at two of them. Well, Lou Wacker was the coach. He is retiring.

Once he said to me: "Boy, you are so stupid, that if I took away your driver's license, you'd walk into trees." Fuck you, Coach. Anyhow, he had a 99% graduation rate, a bunch of championships and probably did more to make me realize that I was not prepared to be out in the world than anyone else. When I quit the team after some injuries and bad grades, he said. "You know, I don't like people who give up. You are just changing you mind. That's OK." Thanks, Coach.

So that's my homage. And another thing: He still owes me on a bingo-bango-bongo bet on the 3rd Hole of Emory Links. I was closest, you cheating old man.

Ann Coulter is a Man. So there.

This guy had the balls to turn on the head the Coulter argument that the Bush Admin is more
accepting of minorities than liberals. Guess what? He has to apologize.
Does Coulter have to apologize for calling liberals "traitors" and
wanting to impose whacked out fundo Christianity in the Mideast? Hell,
no. Look, just because Colin Powell is black as well as Condi Rice AND
(neo)conservative, this has nothing to do with the fact that the former
was no more than a tie clip for the Bushies (his lack of influence and
long hours in Coventry, for example) and the latter is a failed
academic who was forced in administration at Stanford. Ever read her
scholarship. Tough to find, very weak and outmoded. Sovietology!

The Bush Administration is filled with incompetents and second rates.
That they happen to be pulling these fools from the ranks of our
minorities only demonstrates James Carville's old line that you can
drag a $100 bill through a trailer park and you never know what will
come out. If any of Bush's boys and mamas stepped out of line and said,
"Hey, you know that policy is bad for blacks and Hispanics," they'd be
teaching at Cardinal Direction Midwest State University so fast you
would only smell smoke,this after agood raking over the coals by
know-nothings like Coulter and her ilk. Notice people like Henry Louis
Gates are not lining up to take a position in the Bush administration.
One, he has to teach. And two, he probably realizes like the
aforementioned radio host, that any service in a Republican
administration by a person of color is tantamount to self-loathing.

The Headmaster Ritual

Of course, only Catholic priests are repressed gays who prey on young
men. Trust me, nothing is more creepy than the white males attracted to
work as "Youth Ministers" and Christian school teachers among the
evangelical Protestants in America.
Whippings? I thought it worked the other way, but
who is to quibble about who is whipping whom?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Did you pray? Did it help?

My friend Greg just passed the California Bar Exam. Now he just has to
take care of his predilection for San Francisco's finest establishments
like "The Manhole" and "The Stud" so he can live up to those ethical
standards lawyers seem to impose on each other, or does he? It is
California. I have always wondered about that German girlfriend of
his.... Anyhow he forwards
this tidbit about
people who are
both lawyers and willing to engage in self-abasement. Heh.

Damn! When are we moving to Brooklyn, Sweetie?

U2 plays for free at Empire-Fulton Ferry Park. Whaaaaa!

Bending gender on the girl's field hockey team

From my hometown newspaper (The Vaunted Bulletin).
Gender proscription, phhhbt, we don't need no stinking gender
proscription. I love some of these names. Like something out of a bad
Cordova, VA Wednesday women's writing circle novella workshop.

Carlisle School's Hilary Moore was named to the Virginia Independent
School Field Hockey Association all-state team. Moore shares the honor
with Emily Hewitt (St. Stephen's/St. Agnes), Shelley Wong (Norfolk
Academy), Liz Luckey (Collegiate), Carter Foote (St. Stephen's/St.
Agnes), Katie Perkins (Steward), Carrington Croft (St. Catherine's),
Louise Bance (St. Catherine's), Jessica Longo (Collegiate), Jennifer
Holden (St. Stephen's/St. Agnes) and Paxton Delaney (Covenant).

Holy Cats! Oscar Wilde had children???

When will this end? Alexander the Great was bisexual. Whoa! Stop the presses. Why does this shit even matter or warrant wasting some poor court official's time with this case? Read up. Hey, folks. There's a war on, you know?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Like Writing on the Urinal Wall of The Internet

Gol damn. Just tap your foot twice!

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